How can I participate in the competition?
All registrations shall be made via www.speakforIndia.in, our website. Select West Bengal from the state option. There is no cost to enter the competition, it's completely free. Please remember to register before the deadline.

When does registration close?
Two days before every competition at the district level. If registration is submitted any time after the deadline, the participant might receive URN in their mail but their application will be rejected.

Who can participate in the competition?
All students currently enrolled in any West Bengal College or University are eligible to enter the competition

How do I know that my registration has been accepted?
You will receive a mail in your registered mail ID with a Unique Registration Number.

How do I get to know whether I am selected for district finale?
The organiser will contact you to confirm your selection.

What is the URN (Unique Registration No.)?
It’s a 12 digits registration ID allocated against your registration.

What documents do I need to carry for the district finale if I am selected?
You need to carry your original age proof with photo ID on the day of the activity.

If I am from a specific district can I register under another district?
Your URN is valid only for the district you select at the time of online registration. It cannot be used for any other district.

How do I come to know about the topic of the district finale?
The topic will be given on the event day at the venue.

If I have any other queries or need assistance on the registration process, whom should I get in touch with?
You can share your queries over WhatsApp on 9007272747 and team will get in touch with you.